Elvis (Warner Bros, Bazmark Films, The Jackal Group)

We had the honour of collaborating with one of Australia’s finest and most prolific production designers Catherine Martin, on the Baz Luhrmann production of ELVIS. Our team worked closed with the Warner Bros team to design several environments for the VFX team behind recreating the iconic locations featured in the film. The use of Unreal Engine to created and deliver the environments, help improve post production times and was integral in assisting the team with meeting tight deadlines.

Woolmark, ‘Best Wool in the World’ (TVC)

Striving for the best visual fidelity possible, VIZION took this Woolmark TVC from previz to on-set capture. Demonstrating the best VP has to offer in terms of cost and safety efficiency, our fire environment was blended with foreground pyrotechnics to shoot a convincing Australian bushfire scene in the morning and an interior New York-style apartment in the afternoon; around the world in one day, on one volume.

Lexus, ‘Effortless in Everyway’ (TVC)

Vizion provided pre-production, on set and post-production services to deliver Lexus’ ‘Effortless in Every Way’ TVC and stills campaign (2022). Applying their expertise in camera-tracking technology and 3D compositing, our team synthesised three custom environments into one sweeping shot that blends the real (actor, Lexus) with the Unreal (natural and built environment).

Volkswagen (TVC)

Partnering with our good friends at Holobay and Street Smart media, the VIZION team designed optimised environments that would go on to be used as part of an innovative and exciting product launch for Volkswagen. The Virtual Production shoot featured brand ambassador Ewan McGregor and focused on the release of their their new Electric I.D Buzz.


The awesome team at ZEDRun approached us during the COVID lockdowns to find a way to shoot a promotion piece for them in just 1 day. On the first day of the 2nd round of lockdowns, our team bunkered down and completed 21 shots, using 5 designed VP locations, all on an LED volume and all in 1 day.

Parent Up – Born to Spy

Shoot eight different environments in one day? Mission accepted. Working to a tight timeline, Vizion built eight simple but distinct environments and provided on-set operations for a top secret clandestine operation produced by ABC and Aquarius Films.

Masked Wolf – Astronaut on the Ocean

Vizion created multiple virtual environments and provided onset direction for Masked Wolf’s film clip and performance pre-record, leveraging the cost and safety efficiencies of VP during the pandemic’s earliest days to deliver quality content for US primetime broadcast.

La Brea, season 1 & 2

Our VAD environment work is featured throughout La Brea and includes natural caverns, sci-fi interiors and huge green spaces. All our environments were optimised to run on one of the largest LED Volumes in the country, and our team managed on-set Unreal Engine operations.

Ford – Bronco Sport Electric Launch

Rising to the challenge of real-time broadcast, the Vizion team created custom 3D car models and bespoke natural environments for Ford’s 2020 live-streamed product launch. As on-set specialists, Vizion managed the seamless transition between physical and virtual vehicles in studio to showcase how motion-capture and VP technology can communicate brand identity in exciting and immersive ways.